13yrs and up ,$250.00 per term, twice weekly – No Prerequisite

Latin I is a full year course running from Fall to Spring.

Students in Latin I will study from a book entitled Lingua Latina: Familia Romana by Hans Orberg. This work immerses the student in the language, and grammar and syntax will be learned from within the context of reading lengthy Latin prose. It is a particularly exciting and novel way to approach learning Latin. In Lingua Latina the student will first attempt to understand what is said, then investigate the rules which are the foundation of the language.

Students must obtain their own copy of: Hans Oerberg, Lingua Latina, Part One: Familia Romana (Focus Publishing). Exercitia (the companion exercise book for Lingua Latina)

Latin-English Vocabulary I (not absolutely necessary, but helpful for most students)

Available at Hackett Publishing Company or