12 yrs and up, $175.00, 14 week course  – No prerequisite

It has been said beauty is the greatest doorway to truth; it's time to fling the doors wide open. Bring your curiosity and sense of wonder, and prepare to revel in a festival of some of greatest masterworks of art ever created. Trace the story of art and the men and women who chiseled, daubed, moulded, and breathed life into it through the ages. Train your eye for art and your reason at the same time. Guided by weekly readings, students will examine featured paintings each week, and explore the great ideas hidden in them by means of Socratic discussion. This course will broadly cover the past millennium of art, studying the various eras, styles, methods and history of the great artists. Can a picture really speak a thousand words - can a few brush strokes really have so much to say about truth? Come and find out for yourself.


13 yrs and up, $175.00, 14 week course  – No prerequisite

This course is a delightful introduction to the poetry of the English language with a focus on learning to understand and take pleasure in verse. While gaining the skills and nuance of reading poetry, students will concentrate on a different theme each week and study how various poets explore and challenge that theme through their poems. This is primarily a reading course, but students do have the voluntary opportunity to write and share their own verse in imitation of the week’s poems.  A wide variety of works are studied, including Shakespeare, Tennyson, Dickinson, Wordsworth, and Frost.


14 yrs and up, $175.00, 14 week course – Prerequisite: One Intermediate Level course

A girl secretly helps an enemy soldier to escape from the soldiers of her own country – and finds herself bound to a dangerous game of secrecy. A Russian village is convinced that a spy is among them – unaware that he is only a bored young man with a tremendous imagination who loves to see what he can get with.  A king and a humble gondolier were mixed up at birth – now that they are of age, not even they know which should inherit the crown! Lights dim, the curtain rises, and the audience is swept away by side-aching laughter, fantastic thrills, and deeper questions that stay with us. Students read through the scripts of these timeless plays, and get a chance both to discuss them Socratically and to perform scenes from them in class, readers’ theatre style. From Shaw to Shakespeare to Sophocles, come unleash your flair for the dramatic, and dive into some of the world’s greatest works of theatre.


13 yrs and up – $175.00, 14 week course – No Prerequisite

Classical Music History is offered in two separate parts one each semester. These are independent courses and do not require taking one or the other first.

Students will listen in class to the works of the masters, spanning the centuries. Through the use of audio, and visual activities and exercises, including reading, the students will experience the historical processes by which musical styles grow, develop, mature, and decline.


 12 yrs and up - $175.00 - 14 week course – No Prerequisite 

Music History of the Western World is offered in two parts, each a term in length. Students will listen in class to the works of the masters, spanning the centuries. Through reading, the use of audio, and visual activities and exercises, students will experience the historical processes by which musical styles grow, develop, mature, and decline.


14 yrs and up, $175.00, 14 week course – Prerequisite: One Intermediate Level course

Shakespeare – the man who captured all it is to be human! You’ve got a front-row ticket to the theatre, and the curtain is about to rise on some of the most gloriously gripping stories ever to drip from the Bard’s quill. Split your sides laughing at the endless duel of wits between Beatrice and Benedick. Quiver with suspense as the Duke of Gloucester, twisted in body and soul, weaves an intricate web of murders with the crown of England at the centre. Soar on the wings of the wind with the castaway wizard Prospero, as he magically conjures a storm to trap his enemies – but is it to obtain revenge or forgiveness? Best of all, interrogate these stories on a deeper level through Socratic discussion, tangling with the intricate truths and ethics at the heart of these incredible plays. With seven plays in all, this course spans all three Shakespearean genres – comedy, tragedy, and history – and dedicates two weeks to each play. Students are introduced to Shakespeare’s writing in an inviting way designed to build confidence, enjoyment, and fluency.  Shakespeare meant for his plays to delight both the mind and heart, so “come away, come away,” and feast them both.