Foundational Grammarsmall

12 yrs and up, $300.00, 14 week course (includes private tutorial time) – No prerequisite 

This course covers basic grammatical knowledge, with the final end of helping students to write well and avoid improper sentence structure - namely, fragments, run-on sentences, and poor punctuation.  Each week, students will learn about a new grammatical concept (parts of speech, mechanics, and usage), always referring back to the previous lessons so that there is a synthesis of all the material. 

To ensure that each student understands the course as it progresses, student and tutor will meet privately once a week to review assignments together and clear up any questions the student might have. Each week there is a reading element, a new grammar concept, and a series of exercises and sentence writing components to solidify understanding. More advanced students are given the option to write in paragraph form. A large part of absorbing and understanding grammatical concepts comes from seeing those concepts in action, through reading good literature, and then executing them in one's own writing. We will be reading some pertinent works, found below.

Reading List:

Week 1: Grammar-Land by M.L. Nesbitt, Intro - Ch. 4
Class Focus: Nouns & Pronouns

Week 2: Grammar-Land, Ch. 5 - 7
Class Focus: Active Verbs & Simple Sentences

Week 3: Grammar-Land, Ch. 8 - 10
Class Focus: Adjectives

Week 4: Grammar-Land, review Ch. 8 - 10
Class Focus: Linking Verbs & Subject Complements

Week 5: Grammar-Land, Ch. 11
Class Focus: Adverbs

Week 6: Grammar-Land, Ch. 12
Class Focus: Prepositions & Prepositional Phrases

Week 7: Grammar-Land, Ch. 13 - 14
Class Focus: Conjunctions & Interjections

Week 8: Grammar-Land, Ch. 15
Class Focus:

Week 9: Review - No reading
Class Focus: Sentence Structure

Week 10: Grammar-Land, Ch. 16
Class Focus: Punctuation 1 - Colons, semi-colons

Week 11: Grammar-Land, Ch. 17
Class Focus: Punctuation 2 - Commas, fixing fragments or run-on sentences

Week 12: Reading: TBA
Class Focus: Punctuation 3 - Apostrophes

Week 13: Reading: TBA
Class Focus: Review - Part 1

Week 14: No reading, Class Focus: Review - Part 2