14 yrs and up, $175.00, 14 week course – No Prerequisite

No era has been so darkened and mythologized in the modern eye as the Medieval Age. Shatter the misconceptions about this daring and adventurous epoch by diving into eyewitness accounts to history and rock-solid scholarship! Use Socratic discussion to explore history's most sweeping saga of dauntless martyrs, brilliant scientists and scholars, scheming overlords, and ordinary men and women living through extraordinary times. From the perilous days when barbarian hordes sacked Europe to the age of explorers pushing open the world's boundaries, this course will form students in critical thinking, discussion skills, and knowledge of history.

 Week 1:  In This Sign, Conquer! - Christendom Kindles

Week 2:  Upheaval - The Transformation of an Era

Week 3:  Crown, Conversion, and Blade

Week 4:  Charlemagne's Renaissance

Week 5:  Promise

Week 6:  Song of Roland

Week 7:  The New Thousand Years

Week 8:  To Take Up the Cross

Week 9:  The Rise of Community

Week 10:  Faith and Chivalry

Week 11:  Science, Culture, and the Black Death

Week 12: The Hundred Years' War

Week 13: Onwards & Upwards

Week 14: Into a New Era