Associate Superintendent of Trinity Christian School Association; Associate Principal of Trinity Christian School; Administrator of WISDOM

Ken received his Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of Alberta in 1974, with majors in Drama and English. He taught a variety of subjects in schools before he and his wife Marlane began careers as professional actors. As an actor and director, Ken  performed, directed, adjudicated, and taught master classes across Canada. He also served as Artistic Director of Mime Light Theatre. 

Ken was an elected member of the board of directors of the Vermilion Health Care Complex for 10 years, serving as chairman of both this board and a regional board serving five hospitals.  As an elected member of the executive of the Alberta Federation of Rural Electrification Associations, he conducted research and provided training and advocacy to local associations.

In 1989, Ken and Marlane began home schooling their children, and soon they found themselves called upon to serve local and provincial organizations, including the executive of the Alberta Home Education Association. In 1992, Ken was approached by East Central Catholic School Division to help organize their home education administration program. Three years later, he became the administrator of WISDOM Home Schooling, a position he holds at present.  As a result of his work, Ken is called upon to contribute numerous articles, workshops and addresses regarding home schooling and Christian family life.  

Ken is Associate Superintendent and Associate Principal for the school that WISDOM is the home education program of. See more at Trinity Christian School Association.

Marlane is WISDOM's Associate Director; and she, along with husband Ken, take the WISDOM ministry to heart. Home schooling is their way of life, and she draws from her personal life when assisting WISDOM families and when writing her well-loved column for the WISDOM Family Magazine - "Notes to Myself".  Marlane and her husband Ken began home schooling their eldest child while Marlane was pregnant with the fourth of six children. She went through years of struggles and research trying to do "school at home", before adapting her approach to one that nourishes "love of learning" in her children. She is now home schooling her youngest, with the credit of having taken her six children all the way through high school at home. Now a grandmother of 14, Marlane has taught children of all ages while running a home, serving her community, and meeting the needs of other home schoolers.

Through her work with WISDOM, Marlane has been a part of the trials and victories of education in other people's homes, spending many hours each year - on the phone and in person - assisting parents.

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Secretary Treasurer for Trinity Christian School Association
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Originally hailing from Nigeria, Oyetola worked hard in his studies and graduated from the University of Bradford in the UK with a Masters in Finance, Accounting and Management. While visiting in-laws in St. Paul he fell in love with Alberta and its wide-open spaces, and decided to make Canada home.

Oyetola previously worked as a Financial Controller and a Management Accountant. He is a Chartered Professional Accountant, and a Certified General Accountant, and brings an enormous wealth of knowledge to Trinity and WISDOM.

Oyetola is an active member of the Cold Lake Community Church. He enjoys teaching, reading, traveling, and he loves squash and snooker. Oyetola admires the dedication and hard-work of WISDOM families in their children's education, and will do all he can to support their efforts.

Manager & COO
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"There are no teachers, only learners - it is my job as a teacher to create a learning environment." - Monty Roberts 

Born to a home where 'baby talk' was never practised and learning was encouraged, TobyLauren was an avid reader and eager adventurer by the age of four. Her first day of school was a much anticipated event, but after continually being given colouring pages to do while classmates completed their lessons, she soon lost interest in formal 'learning'.  She began home schooling in the middle of grade 3, and continued at home through high school, making the most of her time to include training horses and helping on the family farm, learning piano and violin, painting and writing.