Games have been shown to give marked improvement in many cognitive functions. We have a list of recommended games, as well as what parts of the brain they 'exercise'. Bonus home school activity - your family won't even know they're learning.

Games That Build the Brain
by Therese McDonald

Did you hear about the mother who set her curriculum aside for one full year, and home schooled using board games (card games too)?   True story, and it turns out it was her best year ever.

This mom found out that the world of board games has changed dramatically since her young days of dice-rolling-by-chance games; most games out there are great tools for teaching, stimulate the brain, and lead to all sorts of bunny trail learning.

Now, you may not make such a leap as this mom did, but I encourage you to build board game playing into your home schooling schedule.  If you are looking to enhance critical thinking skills in your children, want to help them become better problem solvers, and wish to train them in a variety of skills and behaviours, game playing gives you a wonderful vehicle to do so, all the while growing family relationships.

If you find your child bogging down in his learning, board games can be a way to bring renewal to the home schooling environment, while still working the ‘ol brain.

Let me share some of my board game recommendations and how they help the brain.  I encourage looking these board games up online to see how they are played before purchasing them.

Click here to open or download the booklet in PDF format.

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  • Denise

    Thank you for this list! I don't really enjoy playing games, but my girls love it - so I need to incorporate more of this in our week. This list will help a lot.

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