Winter Wilderness Survival Foray - Calgary

Winter Wilderness Survival Foray - Calgary

Location: Fish Creek Park, Calgary

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you got stranded, in the winter, away from shelter? What would you do to survive? What kind of shelter will you build? What plants are edible and medicinal? How do you treat hypothermia? Come to our Winter Wilderness Survival Workshop and find out.

You will learn how to build a winter shelter (a snow hut or ‘quinzhee’), and discuss other examples of winter shelters. We’ll examine the shelters animals make in the winter and why some animals hibernate or migrate and why some don’t. We will discuss animal winter food sources and then go on a foraging walk to look for winter survival food and medicine. We’ll also learn how to do first aid for hypothermia. When you arrive, we will have a roaring fire going.

$55 per student, age 7 and up
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Event Date Saturday, 08 Feb, 2020
Registration Start Date Friday, 10 Jan, 2020
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Price $55 per student (parents free)
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