13 yrs and up, $325.00, 14 week course– Prerequisite: sufficient experience in English grammar to understand proper sentence structure and grammatical concepts (parts of speech, mechanics, and usage). Samples may be requested.

In this high school level writing course, students will read selections from classic literature and discuss one each week. They will also submit a writing assignment to their tutor weekly and will learn the fundamentals and techniques of good writing. This course includes private tutorial time. Assignments include: essays, short stories, poetry, fables/fairytales etc. Students must have high-school level grasp of formal grammar and sentence structure, and a strong commitment to this course.

Format for Paper Submissions

The Element of Style

Lessons and Readings listed below


1 Writing a Paragraph Reading 1
2 The Personal Essay Reading 2
3 The 5-paragraph Essay Outline Reading 3
4 The Instructional Essay Reading 4
5 The Compare/Contrast Essay  Reading 5
6 The Argumentative Essay Reading 6
7 The Literary Essay Reading 7
8 Speeches Reading 8
9 Characterization Reading 9
10 Dialogue Reading 10
11 Short story Reading 11
12 Fantasy Reading 12
13 Poetry Reading 13
14 Prayer Reading 14