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Rae was home schooled from grade 1 through 12 and enjoyed every minute of the journey.   In the LaRocque house, learning was fun!  Whether it was racing with her sister to complete the math lesson first (with the fewest mistakes), researching every current or passing interest, reading as often as possible, or working with their menagerie of farm pets, Rae's parents taught her that learning is not just something that happens in a classroom from 9 to 3 on weekdays. Learning happens everywhere and should be enjoyable!

Socratic Dialogue Online Program Manager
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Nicole Noster was home educated for 10 years (Gr. 3 – 12) and upon graduating, obtained her Bachelor of Liberal Arts from Thomas Aquinas College, a classical liberal arts college in California. The College uses only primary sources, in particular the great books of Western civilization, to teach students to think logically and objectively across an array of subjects. Rather than lecture, professors guide students using Socratic dialogue, a process that Nicole realized as ideal for prompting students to grapple with questions and come to the answers as conclusions rather than memorized information. After graduation, Nicole worked in program development and management, putting her skills to good use with programs she believed in. Nicole and her husband, Simon, home school their 4 children and strive to always create a culture of learning in their home. In some of her random free time, she likes to garden, help on the family farm, perform choral music, and read lots of everything.

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Terry is happily married to Richard and spent 26 years home educating their four daughters:  Natasha, Rachel, Mikayla and Julia.  She loves the Charlotte Mason Philosophy, Unit Studies and really enjoyed eclectic learning with lots of hands on learning and books when home schooling the girls.  

Carolyn's school experience growing up varied from a local school in Central America, a year in a one room country school in Canada, a year being home schooled and grade12 in a large modern high school in Calgary.   Those transitions taught her that the methods used with education were not as important as her own personal motivation to learn.

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Janelle is married to Ed, and they have 3 children: 2 home school graduates and one in high school. They have been with WISDOM Home Schooling for 13 years for a total of 16 years home educating. Family time is very important to the Mailhot family, and they like to spend their time together outdoors, cooking, baking or playing cards and board games. You will often hear the guitar or piano being played in their home as they love to create music.

Financial Services Manager
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Melissa was raised on fresh air, hard work, and unconditional love in rural north-eastern Alberta. She was "officially"  homeschooled for the second half of her school years, but was introduced to learning at home well before gaining the title of homeschooler. The second-oldest of four sisters, Melissa learned the truth of the proverb, "Many hands make light work," and discovered that laughing with a sister over a shared chore made the time pass more quickly.

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Joshua loves God, his wife Laura, and two children Dixon and Savannah. 

Homeschooling and constant learning was a way of life growing up in the Stromberg household, something Joshua always planned to pass on for his kids. Joshua by his choice did a year of primary, and a year of secondary in public school, so he has seen both sides. He believes in the power of home educating. Learning at home was always much easier for him. He’d always try to get his week's worth of school done fast as he could so he could spend more time doing the sports that he loved, or reading. 

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Jim Burgess is a home schooling father to 4 children. As a young adult, Jim had the chance to witness the benefits of home schooling in his brother's family. When he met and married a home schooled graduate, it was with the definite intent to home school their future children.

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Naomi started working with WISDOM in 2005... actually, much longer if you consider that the original WISDOM office was in the front room of her childhood home.  Over the years of formally working for WISDOM her work evolved from odd jobs, stuffing magazines and cleaning the office to filing and print management. After a while her role developed into Editorial Assistant and Art Design Technician. She became a font nerd and InD layering geek who loves to make things beautiful to look at and attractive to read.

Mediated Learning Program Manager
Dynamic Assessments
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I feel honoured to provide WISDOM parents with a means to help improve their inherent teaching abilities and gain insight into their children’s thinking. Doing assessments, workshop development, and continued development of the Mediated Learning Program has been a blessed journey. But most of all it has been the wonderful children I have assessed that has been the greatest blessing serving WISDOM. I can also see through the children the love, dedication and work the parents have poured into them, and you parents are an inspiration. You are doing a fantastic work!  I live on acreage near Derwent with my wonderful, incredible, fantastic (ok, I’ll stop) wife Liesbeth and we have been home schooling for twelve years. Also somewhere around here are my eight children and if I can remember correctly their names are Nathanael, Rebecca, Sarah, Jonathan, Hannah, Naomi, Miriam and Tirzah. There are also two horses, one dog, too many cats, chickens… and what, one sheep?


The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is a group of home schooling parents who helps advise WISDOM on its direction and policy. PAC members must be WISDOM parents who profess the Apostles’ Creed.  They meet twice a year for an in-camera meeting of the PAC followed by an assembly with facilitators and office staff.

Members of the PAC:

  • provide prayer and moral support to WISDOM and the governing school authority;
  • are ambassadors for WISDOM by their lifestyle;
  • are a resource for the families of WISDOM (this role is not administrative but supportive);
  • welcome families new to WISDOM;
  • make themselves available for contact by our WISDOM families (see the "Read More" section of each bio for contact information);
  • advocate to WISDOM on behalf of WISDOM parents;
  • assist facilitators with local WISDOM events;
  • may gather or write articles for the WISDOM website or magazine;
  • are politically informed, engaged and aware;
  • update WISDOM families about current issues that impact home schooling (watch for inserts in the WISDOM magazine).

You may email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reach the Chair, or find specific contact information below.


We live on a farm near Fairview and we have 5 children, ages 14 and under:  Joel, Rachel, Nicole, Monica and Luke.

We appreciate WISDOM’s position on traditional home schooling, their emphasis on character development and the social and academic activities that they make available to the WISDOM Families.

We live on 10 acres just outside of High Level (no, not High River, not High Prairie, but keep going north, stopping 2 hours short of the NWT border).  God has blessed us with 6 children - 5 sons (21,19,16,3&2) and a daughter (14).  We actually started out with our oldest two in the local Christian school and then God called us to home school our kids and we haven't looked back.  

We live in Fort McMurray and we have a daughter: Rebeca. We started the Homeschooling in grade four, and each year we are confirmed that it is the best decision we made.

“There is no doubt that it is around the family and the home that all the greatest virtues, the most dominating virtues of human society, are created, strengthened, and maintained.   --Winston Churchill, 1954

Scott & Tracey are blessed with 4 children (born from 2001-2006, 2 girls and 2 boys).  Convinced that parents are the child’s foremost guide and shepherd, they have educated their children at home from the start.  They consider homeschooling the finest way to ensure their children mature and fulfill all that God created them to be.  God has designed each child with strengths and talents best nurtured within a safe, loving home.

We have been married for almost 25 years and the Lord has blessed us with our family. We live in St. Albert with our 4 children.  They are a son (20) and 3 daughters 17, 14, and 11. We have been home schooling for about 12 years and all those years were with WISDOM.  One reason we chose to home school was to become closer as a family. We enjoy camping, especially in B.C.  We are active in our church and also our home school support group.  We are thankful to have WISDOM along with us on this journey.

We have four daughters (born 2002, 2004, 2006, 2009) who have all been home educated from the start. We live on an acreage south-east of Edmonton where Richard works in agriculture from a home office and Sandra is a full-time home-educating Mom. 

Home schooling is absolutely worth the effort. The main benefit is that we have so much more TIME together as a family. We wouldn’t trade this privilege for anything in the world.

The Harrison family is just a typical, quiet, reserved Alberta family.

Except they aren’t all that typical. Being blessed on a massive scale with 8 kids (3 girls and a handful of boys) is a bit atypical - maybe not among homeschoolers, but it is out of the ordinary. Also, they aren’t all that quiet - there are 10 of them after all. Okay, so they’re an atypical, loud, reserved Alberta family.

Dave and Suzanne Knoch have been married for 21 years.  Now, isn’t that testimony enough to the fruit of home schooling?  They are the thankful parents of Jeremiah, 19, Naomi, 17, Samuel, 15, Selah, 13, Joel, 10, and Isaiah, 7.  They have enjoyed the country life for the past ten years, including  the hard work.