We live in Fort McMurray and we have a daughter: Rebeca. We started the Homeschooling in grade four, and each year we are confirmed that it is the best decision we made.

We firmly believe that Homeschooling is a call from God, a missionary work, a vocation of service and sacrifice, but one that rewards with a life full of values ​​and principles based on love for God. We are very grateful to WISDOM and its facilitators from whom we learn every year through their advice, experience, and the excellent work they do for the parents and students they support. We are also very honoured to be part of the WISDOM Parent Council, as it is an opportunity to help other families.

Parents who are thinking of Homeschooling as an option, and for those who are already on that journey, we encourage you to move forward to live this blessing, knowing that you will not be alone, because as the great missionary Hudson Taylor once said : "God’s work, done in God’s way, will never lack God’s provision“

 Fort McMurray

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