Our family resides in the city of Edmonton where we inserted ourselves 2 years ago from a farm into an unsuspecting neighborhood. We arrived with 6 spirited and vivacious children: Kieren, Talon, Isla, Justice, Forrest, and Aedan; a dog; 2 cats and 2 birds. 

We started our homeschooling adventure 8 years ago. We have appreciated how home schooling has allowed us the privilege to discover, acknowledge, and celebrate the uniqueness of each of our kids. We marvel every day at just how incredibly different each of our children are, and how each of them has such unique ways of learning and expressing themselves. We love how home schooling has allowed our family the time and grace to grow together as a closer family unit, and has required much persistence in the growth of each of our characters as we learn to live and interact so closely with each other every day.

Our family loves to be outdoors, exploring God's amazing world, spending time with family and friends, engaging a wide variety of sports such as soccer, hiking, rock climbing, biking, skating,  skiing, snowboarding, to name a few. 

Secondary to serving our family, Joe runs his own natural tree care company as an arborist, and Sarah is a bit of a birth nerd, loving to serve as a doula and support person for new mothers and their families, particularly with the marginalized community in Edmonton. 

We look forward to the continuing adventure of home education and are honored to serve other WISDOM families on the PAC. We look forward to see all God has planned for our family and all of yours as we journey together. 

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