Paul and Julie have 3 daughters (b. 2008, 2010, 2013) in NW Calgary. Paul is an accountant, and Julie runs a music studio (piano & voice) and is working towards a degree in web & graphic development.

Long story short: Our family began homeschooling mid-year in the spring of 2016, when our daughters’ elementary school principal told Julie that she “knows that parents in Alberta do not love their children.” This pushed a decision that had already been percolating in our household to take immediate effect, but in spite of the drama surrounding the change, the decision to homeschool has been the best decision we’ve ever made for our family.

When we pulled our girls out of public school, they were dreadfully behind in key subjects like math and English, and we were terrified of failing our children even further. Now our children are each ahead in math and English, are fascinated by history and science, and enjoy studying multiple instruments and languages. They are constantly making things (our home is always busy) and we enjoy having adventures together as a family. We have made wonderful friends who also homeschool and enjoy the homeschool community that is available in Calgary.

We have been incredibly blessed with the support we have received from WISDOM Home Schooling, and are grateful for the opportunity to serve on the Parent Advisory Council. To any family who is considering making a change, we encourage you to have confidence and faith: you can do it!


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