The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is a group of home schooling parents who help set WISDOM’s direction and policy. They meet twice a year for an in-camera meeting, and twice a year along with the Facilitators, Office Staff, and Board of Directors.

They also:

  • Make themselves available for contact by our WISDOM families (see the "Read More" section of each bio for contact information)
  • Welcome brand new families
  • Gather and/or write articles for the WISDOM website and magazine
  • Take political action on behalf of homeschoolers
  • Encourage families to get involved in home education politics
  • Keep you informed of current issues concerning home schooling (watch for inserts with the WISDOM Magazine)

They welcome your communication. You may email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reach the Chairman, or get specific contact information below.

Read more for the full PAC job description.

Parent Advisory Council Job Description:

  • PAC is a resource for the families of WISDOM. This role is not to be administrative.
  • PAC is to provide new ideas to WISDOM.
  • PAC is able to and should be politically active in areas regarding home schooling.
  • PAC can be a support for a facilitator if a family in their area requires additional advice.
  • PAC is not responsible for organizing events but encouraged to assist; they participate as parents, but also as ambassadors for WISDOM.
  • PAC are ambassadors for WISDOM by their lifestyle.
  • PAC provides prayer and moral support to WISDOM.

They must be WISDOM parents and profess the Apostles’ Creed.