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Joshua loves God, his wife Laura, and two children Dixon and Savannah. 

Homeschooling and constant learning was a way of life growing up in the Stromberg household, something Joshua always planned to pass on for his kids. Joshua by his choice did a year of primary, and a year of secondary in public school, so he has seen both sides. He believes in the power of home educating. Learning at home was always much easier for him. He’d always try to get his week's worth of school done fast as he could so he could spend more time doing the sports that he loved, or reading. 

Joshua left his work in Carpentry to join the WISDOM Team in March 2019. Though it was a big change for him, he loves it. Working in the trades made it hard for him to make commitments in church and the community, as he never knew when work would be finished. His wife and kids enjoy being able to see him off in the morning, and knowing when he’s going to be home. The other staff make it a warm and enjoyable work environment, which is something he had previously longed for.    

In the summer Joshua and his family love playing ball, biking, camping, fishing, helping in church, hobby farming, among many other things.  In the winter they focus more on school, but still have fun with snow sports, hunting, and occasionally go ice fishing (weather permitting)! They love doing things as a family, and the kids are always eager to learn.